I’m an artist who pursues her passion — and helps others do the same.

As a concept-based creator, I am dedicated to formulating the most authentic expression of our human experience, by inspiring and uplifting our perception of the world to a new potential reality.

My work aims to trigger people to think differently — and takes on the form of art, branding, design, writing, speaking, workshops and coaching. 

With a lifelong international cultural experience, extending into a global career in branding and design, for a range of clients and industries from corporate to small business, my focus is always on how best to express our desires and aspirations in everything we do — based on the core belief that our individual humanity is our greatest strength in connecting, collaborating and evolving together for the greater good. Through my work for others, I help individuals and organisations alike identify their own values & beliefs and express them effectively & authentically, while in my autonomous work I seek new ways to explore and express my own, through art, installation, performance, writing, self development and travel. 

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shaping business & lifestyle with deep insight into humanity & its future

bringing people together to amplify their creativity & impact

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The world is not limited — only our beliefs about it are.


what I bring

Big picture creativity takes courage and insight — and I use mine to help you create your own. Growing up all across the world has given me a unique, multi-faceted perspective of how people and things work. I draw connections and find possibilities where there are seemingly none. My greatest strength is in sharply identifying the purest essence of an idea, then creatively multiplying the ways in which it can be expressed verbally and visually. I create rules and I break rules, until the clearest and most simple solution rises to the surface. With a deeply intuitive process that straddles art & observation, it’s my passionate endeavour to reinvent the way we live & work until everything works in perfect harmony.

Perception is reality. A simple shift in perception can create infinite possibility.

who I am

I’m an independent multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who abandoned the conventional work environment soon after graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York, choosing instead to cultivate my own creative process to provide my clients with the highest standard of creative concepts executed to the finest detail, across print and digital media, with a specialised focus on branding.

Having started my own location-independent creative business over 10 years ago, I’ve developed extensive experience in maintaining high productivity & creative performance with an optimal work-life blend. My Indian diplomatic upbringing has given me the gift of a keen intuitive sense about people, cultures, business, sources of creativity and taking calculated risks to yield high results on limited resources.  With the addition of my participation at THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam, I’ve developed a powerful combination of creativity, social entrepreneurship, and executive leadership — all while spending half of each year traveling around the world looking for new adventures in self-expression and artistic collaborations.


Design thinking
Creative strategy
Big picture conceptual thinking
Personal branding
Creative direction
Art as entrepreneurship


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