Do you know the real value of what you’re selling?


Your brand is not your logo. It's the vision that inspires people to come along with you on your journey. It's the feeling that your customers get when they hear your name. It's the dream that you are working hard to bring to life.

Whether you are an organisation or an individual, starting a new business or launching a new product, your success depends on how people feel about what you’re offering. A powerful brand story is a chance to create a loyal following of believers who identify with everything you stand for. But if you don't know what you stand for, neither will they.


Not everyone needs a brand.

A brand is for those who want to be remembered even when they're not there.






research & analysis of your values & opportunities


clearly defining your unique vision STORY & strategy

design & direction

Designing your core brand elements for consistency

production & implementation

scaling your brand impact across digital & print media


My integrated process involves diving deep into who you are and who your audience is, then connecting your solution to their needs with an emotionally stirring vision story. The result is an evocative and memorable story that leaves an imprint on the hearts and minds of the people you want to serve. We then take that story and develop it into formal elements that communicate your vision consistently across all that you do and say, across media and formats. 

I have experience working with innovators within Fortune 500 companies, startups and entrepreneurs. I offer a customised service for each client, we decide together which parts of the creative process are best served by my input, to fit your resources and requirements. Contact me to start a conversation!




I often work under confidentiality. If you’d like more project details, please send me a request.


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Moulsari is gifted. She takes a branding session to another level using her artistic lens to interpret your story and help you paint a bold new vision for your life and your business. I was really impressed with how deeply committed Moulsari was in digging into my work, my field and my life in order to capture and articulate the true essence of my brand. Biggest takeaways were clarity of my key messages and a brand story not only capable of inspiring others but one which energizes and inspires me as well. 

Margaret Rose
Advocate, Entrepreneur, Artivist

I would recommend working with Moulsari, not only because of her great designs and beautiful branding, but even more as a sparring partner who looks at your business from an audience perspective, who asks difficult but very relevant questions and who is able to turn the output from the sessions into a compelling story that resonates.
— Neil G. Simmons, Entrepreneur

Moulsari and I started working together when I needed to get my message across to a larger audience. We did not start by talking about design, but we initiated the process to craft the right message. Moulsari’s process of asking questions and holding up the mirror combined with her branding and design experience led to a clear story that I now share with my audience.

neil G. simmons
Entrepreneur, founder grozeries


I value not just the depth of Moulsari's research and thought, and her talent as a graphic designer... I value her strong pushback on elements of my project that were not sufficiently thought through. This made me work harder to strengthen the logic and clarity of what I was creating and offering. And although this was hard to take at times, I respected her insights, and the “deep design” of my project really benefited from them.

Martin Boroson
Entrepreneur, Speaker, One-Moment Meditation

By creating safe spaces and emotionally powerful experiences, she leads people to closely examine and challenge what others take for granted.
— Jonathan Cook, Business Romantic Society

I have seen Moulsari lead groups of business professionals through encounters that were intensely awkward by design, with fruitful results. She compassionately but firmly guides her clients to discover their greatest strengths by confronting their most haunting fears of weakness. Through her process, she enables her clients to take on work that is more powerful because it is in greater alignment with their authentic identities.

Jonathan Cook
Ethnographic researcher, Business Romantic Society


Moulsari can operate at the unique intersect between learning programs and the human senses. She is customer centric in how she designs, listens and asks great questions (as opposed to pushing her own ideas).

Rajiv Ball
Partner, THNK School of Creative Leadership



Moulsari took the time to understand what I'm trying to do with the brand and defined its identity, ethos and voice in concise and yet clear terms. It serves as an amazing brand manual when I'm trying to recruit my tribe or present to third parties. 

Anu Ananthakrishnan
Founder, Aria+Leya



Moulsari and I have worked together as freelance providers of communications solutions to a major corporate client on several different projects. I very much appreciate the energy, the vision, and the creativity that she brings to every project. She's an expert at understanding the needs of the client and translating them into concrete proposals and solutions. She goes the extra mile (and works the extra hour) to make sure it is right. The proof is in the pudding: the end products reflect her technical knowledge of digital design and layout tools, a keen eye for clean and compelling design, and her aesthetic sensibility.

Jim Wake
freelance Writer, Akzonobel


Moulsari has the best skill set for design projects: talent, reliability and pro-activity. Moulsari is clear, great in finding solutions during project difficulties and outstanding in her design. She can work with little direction and quickly pick up the pace of a team, which is highly appreciated for non-permanent team members. It has been a pleasure to count on her expertise and creativity.

Viviane Ferraro
Program Manager, Philips

She is a pleasure to work with. Always available to us, she can be relied upon to deliver on time, in full and often beyond expectation.
— Dale Laidler, AkzoNobel

Moulsari has brought refreshing perspectives to our story-telling and her designs have translated many scientific and technical pieces into graphically engaging reads for non-specialists. Her creativity and flexibility are decisive factors in making her our number one choice for over five years, and beyond that she’s just a great person to work with.

Dale Laidler
Global Communications Leader (retd),
Research, Development & Innovation, AkzoNobel 



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