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Preparing for superhumanity

What can humanity do better than any machine? What is the role of technology in our personal evolution? How do we possibly begin to transcend our identity as humans in the future - by doing more, or perhaps by doing less?

A new workshop that helps us connect with our powers as human beings, and tap into our highest potential as creators.

Previewed at The House of Beautiful Business in Barcelona, February 28, 2017
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Personal branding for entrepreneurs


“This workshop is a great asset to an entrepreneur and Moulsari’s story is as well! We all still remember B-A-D.”

Zahra Kassam, social entrepreneur, Amani Institute, Nairobi

“I hadn’t previously really thought about personal branding in terms of your reputation, and working toward aligning intentions with motivations. Your explanation helped make personal branding a more relatable concept, and allowed me to understand how I can work to identify my ‘identity,’ and then later learn how to fully express myself and articulate it to the relevant audience.” 

Safia Tapal, social entrepreneur & investor, Oxford

“This is a really powerful workshop that asks some really important questions — very reflective and intense.”

Jordan Junge, Social Innovation Exchange, London

“The best personal branding session ever.”

Tuija Pulkinnen, Curious Grownups Oy, Helsinki



Live with passion — without quitting your job


In this course we touched upon very important ‘life questions’ everyone should ask themselves but without all the "spiritual bra bla" which often comes with it. It was very much down to earth, starting with us, the problems, questions and fears we were encountering, leading to very basic questions of how we want to live, and how we want to stand in the world.

“I think it is super important to give oneself the chance to evaluate how we live our lives. This self knowledge is valuable for the rest of your life!”

Hannah Kindler, artist

“For people that I feel are stuck in a rut, and perhaps are put off by spiritual practice, I think this is great way of introducing people to a practice of inner awareness.”

Oege Dijk, Assistant Professor in Behavioural Finance

“I have discovered that passion is a way of life, rather than necessarily a project or activity to pursue. I have also been reminded that it is normal and ok for passions to change every 6 months. Since beginning this course, I have started doing less in my daily life, and prioritizing more according to what is important to me. I think I am definitely getting closer to achieving the goals I set at the beginning of the course!”

Saskia Rotshuizen, Project and Research Officer at BoP Innovation Center