You don’t know me, but they do. This is what they have to say about working with me.


Martin Boroson,
One Moment Meditation
Coach & TED Speaker

I value not just the depth of Moulsari's research and thought, and her talent as a graphic designer ... I value her strong pushback on elements of my project that were not sufficiently thought through. This made me work harder to strengthen the logic and clarity of what I was creating and offering. And although this was hard to take at times, I respected her insights, and the "deep design" of my project really benefited from them.

Anu Ananthakrishnan,
Entrepreneur &
Founder of Aria+Leya

Moulsari took the time to understand what I'm trying to do with the brand and defined its identity, ethos and voice in concise and yet clear terms. It serves as an amazing brand manual when I'm trying to recruit my tribe or present to third parties. 


Matthias Schneider, 
NewCo Spain, 
Anna Bonny, Nouvel

Let me once more reiterate how marvellously refreshing I thought your workshop on ‘Preparing for Superhumanity’ was. Through your gentle expert guidance you enabled a very heterogenous group of professionals to quickly explore their inner workings/feelings in what resembled a turbo charged therapy session. No one should doubt that acute self knowledge is essential for effective leadership and your workshop offers a valuable tack on this path. 

Dale Laidler, 
Global Communications Leader
for RD&I, AkzoNobel

As Global Communications Leader for the Research, Development & Innovation function of AkzoNobel, the world's largest coatings company and a leading supplier of specialty chemicals, I have had the pleasure of working with Moulsari for more than five years. She has brought refreshing perspectives to our story-telling and her designs have helped to translate many scientific and technical pieces into graphically engaging reads for non-specialists. 

Moulsari is a pleasure to work with. Always available to us, she can be relied upon to deliver on time, in full and often beyond expectation. Her creativity and flexibility are decisive factors in making her our number one choice and beyond that she’s just a great person to work with.

Jonathan Cook,
Ethnographic Researcher
& Writer

I have seen Moulsari lead groups of business professionals through encounters that were intensely awkward by design, with fruitful results. She compassionately but firmly guides her clients to discover their greatest strengths by confronting their most haunting fears of weakness. By creating safe spaces and emotionally powerful experiences, she leads people to closely examine and challenge what others take for granted. Through this process, she enables her clients to take on work that is more powerful because it is in greater alignment with their authentic identities.

Rajiv Ball,
Partner, THNK School of
Creative Leadership

Moulsari can operate at the unique intersect between learning programs and the human senses. She is customer centric in how she designs, listens and asks great questions (as opposed to pushing her own ideas). Moulsari represents a node of connection between different networks.

Viviane Ferraro,
Project Manager,

Moulsari has the best skill set for design projects: talent, reliability and pro-activity. Moulsari is clear, great in finding solutions during project difficulties and outstanding in her design. She can work with little direction and quickly pick up the pace of a team, which is highly appreciated for non-permanent team members. It has been a pleasure to count on her expertise and creativity.



Kristoffer Debois, 
Head of Customer Success, Digital Services & Software, Schneider Electric

We got forced out of the comfort zone in storytelling and defined a final vision that is high level and thrilling. It's new to us and new to most of the business and industry to talk on such a visionary level about what we are doing. Staying on the abstract level can be really uncomfortable but Moulsari kept us there long enough to explore and extract a high level story without diving into the details too soon, being as product- and solution-focused as we usually are.

When we shared it, our analysts really got that we are years ahead of everybody else in the category and in our understanding of where we have to go — the vision video we developed tells the foundation of that story — it was spot on.




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