Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs workshop

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Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs workshop

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It’s a little known fact that branding is about being, not becoming. 

As an entrepreneur, you are your brand. Your investors, customers & community aren’t just buying your product or service, they are backing you. As someone driving innovation and societal change, it’s essential to be aware of the self, and how people perceive you, and connect with you. Do you know what you stand for? Does your audience know? Do they recognise you for it? Do you leverage your personal powers to bring more people on board? How do you balance your humanity and your heroism in the way you present yourself, in order to capture hearts & minds and take them along on your journey?

In this hands-on interactive workshop, you’ll learn tools to help you start identifying and building a personal brand that is unique, authentic and self-aware, building stronger, deeper connections with your collaborators and customers.

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or working in a growing team, you’ll learn how your personal brand can help you increase your impact and find more fulfillment in all you’re working towards.


What to expect
Get ready to dig deep, and uncover some valuable insights and tools you won’t learn anywhere else, that will serve you well beyond this workshop. This is not a lecture, nor is it an update of your linkedin profile or your social media; but if you are ready to do the work, you’ll learn how to tell your story with authenticity in any medium. 


What we’ll cover
01 What is branding (and why it’s not a dirty word)
02 Why personal branding matters & how it can help you
03 Feedback on what your current personal brand is saying about you
04 How to leverage your personal strengths & weaknesses to serve you
05 Identifying the values & vision for your own personal brand
06 Thinking & talking about yourself with power, not ego
07 How to grow and evolve your brand over time
08 How to become known for your personal brand

Led by Moulsari Jain, B-A-D for GOOD
Moulsari Jain is an artist and entrepreneur, merging creativity, business and higher consciousness to help people and businesses reach their untapped potential. Her approach is well regarded as original, courageous, and deeply insightful. Her guidance has brought clarity and critical breakthroughs to her audiences on both personal and professional levels, bringing greater alignment and fulfillment between the individual and his work. 

Moulsari has extensive experience as a long-time independent creative entrepreneur across Europe, Asia and the Americas, adapting swiftly between different cultural and work environments, from large organisations to startups.


Duration: 2 hours
Introductory price: 60 EUR per participant
Location: Your workspace
Bookings start at groups of 6 or more participants. Click the linkabove to book now.

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