Each of us gets to have only the tiniest slice of the experience that is known as life on earth as a human being.

And we cling so tightly to our own version of the world, afraid it might prove to be false, that we constantly confirm with others on our path if they've had the same experience, just to reassure ourselves that our version of life is true, reliable, fact.

Ironically, we actually only get to see a slightly larger piece of the truth when we listen to the experiences and realities of someone who has a completely different version of life from ours. Someone who might as well be a different species, because they don't seem to know even a small percentage of the things that we come to take for granted after our years on this planet, in this body, in our shared seemingly experience. Someone who sounds like a moron to us.

Those already on our path, whose bubble joins ours like a venn diagram, have almost the same experiences as us — that's why they were probably on our path. Those who have a vastly different experience of life might talk like an alien at us, and we may feel a deep repulsion, fear, even anger, at the version of truth they claim. How could they believe things we've never ever experienced? How can they believe things that our own experience has never validated?

Yet it's only by — Each. One. Of. Us. — sharing our version of our so-called reality that we can start to collate a real spectrum of what the world looks and feels like, what the true human experience is, and what absolute reality might really be about.

Each one of us cannot experience everything — across time and distance and perspective. We need to rely on each other's experiences to form a more complete picture. We need each other's version to complete our own.

We have no other way to learn about the world except by listening to each other, and exchanging notes, and trusting that someone else's experience is as valid as our own.

So if you think I'm crazy, because I don't believe in the things you believe in, don't discard me, run from me, or curse me. Don't even unfriend me. Because I want to know your version of the truth.

Talk to me, and then listen to me, and then let's talk some more. I want to see the world from your eyes, I want to know what it feels like to be you, because otherwise, I'll be forever stuck only being me.

I want to see the world you see. All 7 billion of you alive today, all those who have already past, all those who aren't even yet born.

This is my idea of reincarnation, of multiple births, of being immortal, of being all-knowing: to be able to see all the possible perspectives of reality, at the same time.

I don't want to see the world with two eyes, I want to see it with 14 billion eyes.

Give me the gift of your perspective. Let me step into your body, and see the world from your eyes. Let's trade, and see what we find. Even if just for a minute.