I did it for love

Love of my life
Love of my heart
Love of each day and each night

I did it so that I woke up every morning wanting to jump out of bed
and didn’t want to go to bed again at night because I still wasn’t done

I did it because not doing it wasn't good enough, was a regret I didn’t want to live with
I did it so that in any moment that I died, I could feel fulfilled and complete I did it because it made me feel alive
And what could be worse than feeling like you’re dead before you’re a corpse?

Each day closer to the last one makes it harder — 
Our biology is designed to make us more risk averse with each experience — 
I face that every single day that passes 

But I keep choosing to be really impractical
Because this is not about being sensible
It’s about being irrational
It’s about being emotional and imperfect and accepting everything you are in this moment
It’s about facing your fear and ignoring its power over you
It’s about accepting all the pain and excitement and using it to push forward anyway
It’s about saying YES to your heart to your gut and NO to your head, for as long as you can
It’s about choosing to live a shorter but fuller life than a longer but empty one 

Be careful if you follow me, because I’m BAD —  
I’m going to teach you to be really impractical
and I’ll show you how to break the rules
Let me show you the way back to your courage, to your heart, to your love

Because — 
Courage is nothing but love for yourself
Confidence is nothing but faith in yourself
Creativity is about not worrying about succeeding but doing it because your heart says yes. And this is all I can teach you.

I didn’t choose to be an artist to be rich or famous or powerful or important
I did it because I chose my heart
I chose to be faithful to me — to keep my promise for a lifetime

Yes, I chose this path and yes,
I did it for love. 

Moulsari, artist
B-A-D for GOOD
Courage. Creativity. Change. 

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