Hi, I’m Moulsari.

I’m an unconventional artist & entrepreneur dedicated to exploring and expressing what it means to be human — and expanding our creative potential.


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Conceptual art


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Branding & design



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Lifestyle development




What I can do for you

Bring me into your world


Commission custom artwork

I don’t just make art that looks good. I make art that does good. Change your business or community with my art.


Coaching, speaking & workshops

I spend my life courageously pursuing my passion & creativity. And I’m ready to help you do the same.

Branding & creativity consultations

Need to make a big leap in a short time? Hire me by the hour to push your project to its creative limits.


Shift your perspective

I write about my observations, theories, and experiences from my unusual perspective of life. Read & be inspired.



How I work

concept development & creative process


I always look at the big picture. I believe that a strong concept can be effectively expressed in any medium. The process begins with identifying what is most important, and then what the language of expression must be for the intended audience.

First, I gather as much information as I can. Then, I boil it down to its essence. Once I’ve identified the key elements, I translate them into the necessary medium. This could be a brand language, a visual expression that is anything from graphic to photographic to painted, a piece of writing, a physical installation or performance, an app or business concept or even a workshop.

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enriching our lives passion & creativity


starts September 7, 2016

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