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10+ weeks of passion

Together, we will dive deep into hands-on exercises and games that will help you uncover your passions, and find ways of incorporating them into your daily life. We will have a group session of 60 minutes every week for 10 weeks, plus a bonus closing session in week 11.

1-on-1 coaching sessions

When you sign up, you automatically get a bonus of 2 individual coaching sessions with me, free to use whenever you are ready, anytime during the 10 weeks. Each one-on-one session lasts 90 minutes, and takes place in person or over Skype. Get ready to go deep!


email support

I’ll always be available to answer your questions & concerns and support you throughout your process via email. Because this is hard stuff, and you don’t have to go through it alone! Together, we’ll solve anything you run up against in your quest for a passionate life.


What we’ll cover in each 60 min session

Week 01: Do less — Make space to find your passion
Week 02: Do more — Learn to embrace uncertainty for more creativity
Week 03: Get uncomfortable — Too much convenience creates stagnation
Week 04: Your passion process — Identify what gets you excited
Week 05: Facing frustration — Learn to use your difficult emotions to guide you
Week 06: Passion priorities — Managing multiple passions
Week 07: Your secret lover — How to keep the passion alive
Week 08: Enjoying the ride — Staying in the flow in every moment
Week 09: Obsession — Using your passion to enrich the rest of your life
Week 10: Reinvention — How to find a new passion when the time comes

plus you automatically get

+ Week 11: How to keep going on your own
2x 90-min individual coaching sessions with Moulsari
Email support throughout your process


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