This isn’t the world we were promised when we were growing up.


Because really, we weren’t unhappy back then, when we had a lot less. 

We are the world, they sang. Express yourself, she said.

We went from being promised a good life if we worked hard to being handed wads of money to buy shinier more sugary shit we don't need.

Our parents grew up wanting more than they had, dreaming of being able to afford anything their heart desired.

And they made it possible for their kids to have anything.

But the “anything” wasn't supposed to be so much like “nothing”.

It's the same old shit dressed up to look fancier. The only one thing of value that we got was the internet. And now the POTUS uses it to complain about his enemies.

But isn't that because we were raised to have things and not to make things? We figured out how to piece together what we have and turn it into another way of earning more cash. But who the hell is actuakiy MAKING anything new? Every app out there just takes existing shit and pieces it together.

Enough already.


Let's stop stewing in our own shit and MAKE something. All we are doing is using up the planet. We aren't even using it to improve lives, we are scratching our butts in new and creative ways.

I don't want to do anything to make money anymore because the whole concept of money has been corrupted. It's not a means to buy things of value anymore, it's just a way to consume more than we possibly need.

So let me ask you this: if next week a nuclear bomb were to go off, and all systems were down ... what would you offer the world then?


If money didn’t exist anymore, what would you do with your life then?


Would you still be drinking coffee and posting on instagram? 

Or would you go out there and meet some people and do some things together? 



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