It’s the nature of being human: to be able to act upon anything we conjure up in our minds. Be it a desire for the future, or a fear of the past, it only need exist in our mind to be convincing enough to get us to pick up a cookie, a lover, a religion, or a gun.

The problem is not religion, or freedom, or money, or country.

These are just ideas, validated in their existence only by the agreement of masses of people. These are just concepts that we have collectively accepted as reality. These are just beliefs, held by enough people to let us feel justified to believe they really exist.

The problem is, we humans live in an illusion constantly created by our own minds.

We construct walls around ourselves to “protect” our beliefs, because deep down, we know they are nothing but beliefs. We believe we are individual lives with a right to pleasure and comfort. We believe we are separate from each other. We believe that drawing a line in the ground between where we each live will keep us safe from each other. We believe that we need to protect ourselves from each other, from the earth, from extinction. We believe our life has meaning.

We believe in the past, and we believe in the future.

Call it religion, call it science. Call it God, call it money. Call it me, call it you, call it us, call it them. Call it a book, a movie, news, fact or fiction. These are all made of the same single ingredient: Faith. A deeply rooted belief that what our mind comprehends is truth.

Why do some people die for their beliefs in a single moment’s explosion, and others miraculously live days, months, years beyond their expected chances against cancer, war, devastation, unbroken?

Because our existence as humans begins and ends with what we believe in.

This is our weakness. This is our strength. This is how we make war, and how we make love. How we make churches and how we make weapons. How we build countries, economies, ideologies, museums, armies, and the Internet. Because Faith can make you do anything.

What do you choose to have faith in? And what will you do with your faith? Choose carefully. And persevere. Faith is all you need to make it.


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