I believe we have the potential to evolve to our higher consciousness as beings — if we just find the courage to go through our emotions, fears, ecstasies and desires, instead of around them.

What does it really mean to be human?

In our current state of being and evolution, we are still driven by our animalistic urges and instincts, for the most important aspects of existence — sleeping, eating, reproducing, etc. But we have the capacity to choose, to realise that we have a decision to make about how to use the resources we have. 

So what would happen if we choose to deviate from the norm?

We might discover new ground or we might make ourselves sick. The challenge remains in finding how far we can push our natural instincts to slowly and safely evolve them into the full potential of our conscious beings.


If we are now human, compared to chimpanzees — what might we be when we are superhuman, compared to humans? And how can we participate in the process?


What is our true potential as beings?

It’s not just our mind that needs to become more conscious — when just the mind remains conscious, we start to believe we are more (or less) important than we are, we start to create stories and delusions that aren’t true, we start to create a sense of self that can equally serve us or harm us. But when we become conscious in our bodies, minds and souls, then we begin to tap into our true potential.

To transcend the mind and body, they must unite completely in equilibrium. This isn’t easy to achieve, and most who have had a taste of this are unable to hold onto it before being plunged back into the sensual experience of the world as directed by our physical form.

So in order to fully unite mind and body and soul, we must learn to listen — to our own emotions, fears, desires and ecstasies. They are the signs and signals guiding us towards higher consciousness. We must train the mind and body to decipher and decide which signs to pay heed to, and which ones are outdated relics of a past that is no longer relevant.

Just like language evolves, slowly but surely, in accordance with the times and collective consciousness shaped by our culture, so do we need to update the internal software of our selves, in order to stay relevant to the present moment.


The word “nirvana” might not mean much in our world today, but we might feel that way about “quantum” in a few hundred years from now, too. Words are formed for what we become conscious of as a whole, and so with our consciousness, we define the reality of our shared world, in all aspects physical and conceptual. The words that are universal across all languages show us what is universal for all human beings. The words that cannot be translated from one language to another show us what is valued by a specific culture in particular. A potential development for a new species, so to speak.

By acknowledging what we feel, experience, desire and enjoy in a present moment over and over and over again helps us to realise and come to terms with our own humanity. 

And with that self awareness, we become ready to make a conscious choice.

What is this here to tell me? Why does my body react with pleasure or pain to this event or idea? Do I want to participate in this? Is it helping me or holding me back?

A life of no feeling isn’t one anyone desires, even those who are in pain would rather feel pleasure than numbness, if they could choose. So, to avoid feeling is not the answer. 

Our body and mind is a compass that directs us towards what we need to grow and evolve. We can evolve our instinct without denying our nature. I don’t run away from the picture of a ferocious tiger, yet I may still feel terrified of a partner being angry with me like my father was when I was a child. The progress is slow, but it is happening.


So how do we take the time to consciously evolve ourselves?

By doing less. By trusting more. By wanting less. By being more.

Just be. Don’t do anything. Just stop and let the universe flow through you every once in a while. Notice the temperate around you and inside you. Notice the sparkles, and the icy bits. Notice the tension and the trembling. Notice the longing and the aversion. Notice the numbness, too. 

And then feel it change from moment to moment, knowing that this is you living even if you never did anything again.

Hold yourself in this space to be human for just a moment or two each day. Acknowledge who and how you are. Gently put your arms around your being and cradle it like a child. 


Every child grows whether or not you tell it to. Trust that this one will, too. But the more gentle you are, the more peaceful she will grow up to be, too.

And slowly, eventually, the superhuman in you might start to emerge. Do you dare to find out?

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